Recently I came across an article on Facebook with the title “The List of Mindf*ck Movies You Absolutely Must Watch”. I knew I had to take a look – even though Facebook content should normally be taken with a pinch of salt, being a fan of shows with complex storylines and hard-to-decipher twists, I couldn’t resist. In the list, there were your normal contenders such as Inception, Memento and Jumper (the former two being a must-watch on my list), I found a movie titled Coherence, which speaks about “strange events that unfold following the passing of a comet in space”.

Now I normally would brush this off and continue scrolling Facebook mindlessly, but I had some time and I wanted to take my mind off work. So I watched it.

Theatrical Poster


If you are a fan of movies that attempts to paint a picture on complex Physics phenomenon (such as Interstellar), I highly recommend this.

Without going into too much details, Coherence tells the story of eight adults, each with their own intertwining relationships, as they come together for a dinner / gathering. And as a strange comet passes through, the alternate realities that stem from their decision when making a choice cross over into each other, and very interesting events unfold.

No one trusts each other

What I loved about the show, aside from the plot, was the casual setting in which the scenes were shot. The director himself mentioned that the movie was shot over five nights with a group of friends that he knew, but that did not know each other beforehand; most of the dialogue and script were also improvised on the spot. This created a sense of realism in that the actors were not reading off prepared scripts and the movie felt like a spontaneously developing storyline that could go crazy at any moment; it really kept me on the edge of my seat.

… leading to some questionable choices made by the characters.

I am definitely rewatching the movie, just to make up for the misinterpreted plot before the mysteries are unraveled through the show. Trust me, the 1.5 hours will not be wasted.


2 thoughts on “You need to watch Coherence

    1. Thanks for the comment. I was blown away by how they constructed it with such limited budget, but I already thought the movie was nice even before reading up on the production constraints. 🙂

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