Markdown has recently become the quintessential tool for writing, at least for me. I use it extensively at work, to highlight important points when doing code reviews, as well as to format documentations and wiki pages. During my personal time, I blog using Markdown as well – its fuss-free syntax has won me over from the typical rich text editing that many have gotten used to. I encourage everyone to try Markdown whenever they write – I would gladly rewrite my thesis in Markdown. Okay, I do not want to rewrite my thesis, but I would like to try writing a long article in Markdown.

Which brings me to the topic of this post – I’ve been looking for a nice Markdown writer and I stumbled upon Typora, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Here’s why.

  • Inline syntax highlighting – WYSIWIG (literally!)

    inline syntaxcredits: typora.io

    Typical Markdown editors have a writing pane and a preview pane, which to me really defeats the purpose of Markdown; I would like to focus on my writing, and not look back and forth between the two panes to see whether the formatting is correct and pretty.  

  • Distraction-free by design


    The first time I launched Typora, I was surprised at how clean it was. There’s really nothing to learn (except the Markdown syntax, of course) – just start writing

  • Free! (for now)

    credits: typora.io

    Typora is currently free. It’s definitely not bug free – I still have trouble getting it to auto-indent my paragraphs in between lists properly, but I expect myself to pay for it after it comes out of beta. Currently I’m really happy with using it as a free app and it allows me the flexibility of evaluating it for a longer period of time without the initial investment after any trial period.

I share a lot of the sentiments with the author of the app, and you can find the rest of his thoughts in the link. He also discusses some of the drawbacks of this approach, and argues for the compromise.

In conclusion.. Try it!


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