X-Men: Apocalypse


warning: spoilers ahead!

After I left the theatre, the sense of satisfaction of watching an awesome movie didn’t hit me.

I really love the movies in the Marvel Cinematic universe, and I believe the main reason is that as someone who have actively sourced for and viewed the TV series and movies, I have an emotional attachment to the characters in the show. That’s why I liked the after credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier; after the struggles that we’ve seen the Winter Soldier go through, I get a sense of relief knowing that he’s learning all about himself again in the museum.


That’s not to say that I have no empathy when it comes to characters from X-Men: Apocalypse. But Magneto has been dwelling over this kill-humans-because-they-don’t-care-about-us issue for, like, 3 movies? Granted, he has really lived a tragic life, but I expected the writers to be able to come up with something different instead of using this convenient excuse to spur him into the dark side. (The Star Wars reference was quite funny though.)


The introduction of Wolverine for a short cameo seems unnecessary to me as well. I felt that his appearance did not help the story in any way (maybe only as a means to set up a sequel), and he was really just.. brainlessly killing people.


And as for the four horsemen.. I am not really buying it when there is such a high level of difference in power between them – Archangel is essentially just a normal human fighter with wings and metal projectiles, compared to Storm and Magneto. Granted Apocalypse didn’t have the necessary connections (ha ha, networking is important in our lives people), but he should have been able to find better servants?


The major annoyance I have with the show, though, is just how powerless Apocalypse is during the climax of the fight. Although he was able to defend against so many mutants at once, the visual effects did not convince me of the amount of power he has – after all, if he is able to amplify others’ abilities and have taken countless mutants’ powers, surely he should be able to thrash away everyone else with a flick of his finger, or something? (Except Jean Grey, of course) But instead, the show chose to extensively ground him at the same location defending against our good guys’ advances instead of showing how potentially powerful he can be. All that setup at the start about his worshipping were for naught.


That being said, Quicksilver’s scenes were a joy to watch, just like in Days of Future Past. He really provides comic relief to an otherwise tense movie all around, and the interaction between Cyclops and Jean Grey was subtle but nicely captured as well.

It’s a pity that the movie that built so much hype was consumed by its own overarching plot and unconvincing villians. Or maybe because everyone would be comparing it to Civil War.


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