Credits: Nicholas Woon

What has dance done for me?
What can I do for dance?

These were the questions that Alex, one of my respected seniors, told me to ask myself when I was lost in the art and when I did not know what to do. I’m still finding answers to these questions (especially the 2nd one), but after performing in Blast: Out of Bounce and watching two concerts recently, I gained some insights into how I would answer these questions.

Not really direct answers per se, but just my interpretation on dance as an art form.

Dance because you feel good doing it.

Dance is an art. There’s just this unexplainable sense of satisfaction in creating an art form and enjoying it – just like how we go oohhhh shiok when you hear multiple layers of beautiful harmony created by Pentatonix. Or the way we appreciate a beautiful scenery because of the perfectly placed objects in your vision in the golden ratio. Basic human instinct for harmony, balance, rhythm. Dance has provided me with great entertainment and contentment, as well as a safe haven when the other parts of my life are in discord.

Dance brings people together.


I have had the privilege of joining Eusoff Dance and NUS Dance Blast!, in which I found some of my best friends. Dance provided me with a platform to meet new people, share our passions together, and to provide pillars of support for each other. There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of dancing alongside your friends and sharing that fervour. And I know that the friendships will last for as long as we still have that dancing fire in our hearts.

Dance for a purpose.

Ascen(Dance!) made me realize that it is important to have a direction when creating a dance piece. It’s something that I am largely inexperienced in – but I appreciated how having a central theme made Ascen(Dance!) a complete show, with each choreographed piece showcasing an emotion (in their case, the seven sins). It’s able to touch your heart, and make you relate that thought to your own memories and feelings. The feeling of knowing that someone is sharing the same emotion as you, whether you’re on the sending (choreographing) end or receiving (watching) end. The concert formed a core memory (Inside out anyone?) within me that I would like to tell a story when I dance in the future.


I would like to remember, from now onwards, to recall these basic ideas of dancing whenever I get lost in dance. 🙂


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