Supply & Demand @ orchardgateway

It’s nomnomnom time! Was looking for some good food after a tiring weekend of cover recording (look out for it!) and we settled on a pretty nicey place as per @racheww’s suggestion ^^

Mmm Italian food! But more like "capalang". (A bit of everywhere)

I love the decor of the place! Small cozy wooden tables, emphasis on a touch of green, and basically just screams I’m a cafe! Too bad it was really crowded tho. šŸ˜¦


Sorry, the Redmi Note really doesn't do the place justice. This is my attempt at a HDR shot..
And @evonlotion cringes at how @oldboyalex and @racheww are arguing about how to take a nice Instagram photo with the green item.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


(Ok, damn, I need to start noting down the name of the dishes.) Probably the best plate we had. I know the name of the dish ends with A Funghi. Haha! Awesomely creamy pasta with mushrooms, the flavouring in the sauce had a really special taste to it that just makes you go wooohah!


Truffle fries! More like, truffle wedges? Haha! I thought the typical truffle oil taste was a little lacking compared to similar offerings (Timber’s… Ooh) but it was still pretty good nonetheless. Special mention goes to the half garlic slapped on top (that little round thing in the picture), it actually made the non-garlic-eating me consume it.


And this was uhhhhh. Some ham thing! It’s in one of the pictures in the menu. Okay, I guess that doesn’t help much.. >.< couldn't resist ordering this upon seeing the arugula (rocket). I was a bit disappointed by the pizza tho – they weren't too generous with the ham slices and I couldn't taste the full pizza taste with every bite. (You know what I’m saying, right? Haha!)


Okay I remember this! Smoked salmon! This was a nicer pizza as the salmon just tastes like ohhh myyy gawwdddd niceeeee. But again, only 8 slices, so you better savour every bite.

Total damage: S$89.45

I would come back again! But maybe for the pastas only, the pizza was a little bit lacking in amount for me. And the menu had lots of nice appetizers that should be given a try. šŸ™‚


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