Daiso Hacks #1

Author’s note: This post was deleted by WordPress because of a bad internet connection at the time of posting and bad coding on the WordPress Android app. Normally I’d ragequitted and ignored this post, but NO! I am going to survive and pen down my thoughts because I want to keep this blogging habit going and remember how I spent my youth 10 years later! Springtime of youth~~~


I love Daiso. My (sometimes unhealthily) thrifty nature means that Daiso is like Black Friday, but on every day. Granted, their products might not be the of the highest quality, but Daiso stuff attracts me perhaps due to it’s Japanese-origin construction and the fact that you can literally find anything in the departmental store.

Visited Daiso Vivocity today and u thought I’d share some random things I bought:

Face Towels


Context: I’m a hyper-perspirating dancer who looks like I just ran 25km 5 minutes into dance practice.
Hack: These towels are perfect for me to not look like the above during high intensity activities. The designs may not be as glam as you want it to be but there’s various colors for you to match your dance OOTD.


Update: I think these towels don’t absorb sweat very well, and the black one I bought has issues with dropping fur. Might want to grab towels from Cold Storage instead, costs about S$2.50-S$3 and works much better.

Organizers for Small Things


Context: As an avid board game player, I often find the need to effectively sort out the various mini sized tokens that come with games like 7 Wonders.
Hack: These containers have many compartments for your mini things’ needs. They also come in various sizes, but do measure any uncommonly sized tokens you have before purchasing. For example, here’s my 7 Wonders organizer:


Mobile Phone Holder.. in the toilet


Context: I like to bring my phone into the toilet to kill time, but need a cleaner place to put it when I, uh, need my hands.
Hack: I couldn’t find a smaller container so this will have to do. I guess it fits tablets too!


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