Brunch @ Nassim Hill

I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking 😁


The place is pretty well decorated and feels quaint πŸ™‚
It appears to be a bar as well, with happy hours from 8am (!!) to 8pm.
Jason with his Hearty Scrambled Eggs. $20.
And my Spicy Huevos Benedict (eggs benedict with a touch of spice!). $20

The Eggs Benedict were delicious and the chili padis really added a fresh dimension to the taste πŸ™‚ Jason and I both loved the salad dressing as well!

The Spicy Huevos Benedict also came with a bunch of bread as well, so much that I couldn't finish! Of note is this cinnamon roll in the bread basket that they baked to have a bread-like texture. Mmm.

Damage: $42.80 / 2 = $21.40 (No service charge!)
(Thanks to my best friend Luke who managed to snap me a 50% discount weeee. Check his blog out!)
Quality: Great tasting. (To be expected at this price)
Quantity: Quite a lot for breakfast. You won’t leave hungry.


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