Inner Peace

What was supposed to be an uneventful weekend turned out to be really enriching for me.

Saturday — I had to go back to the office to settle some work things, damn work shit. But getting some work done in the weekend earns you some sense of achievement, I guess? What I know is that I’m reducing the workload I’ll have next week, which is good. Haha!

Spent the rest of the day catching Interstellar. It’s a good show, and it kept me on the edge of my seat for almost the full three hours. Aside from the unexplained “fantasy” parts and some physical inconsistencies, the film does a good job of using modern physics to deliver a thrilling experience. 🙂 There’s quite a bit of information overload though, which may not suit everyone. This movie probably gave me some reassurance that I didn’t take PC1143 (Modern Physics module in my university) for nothing. Haha! I’ll give it 8/10!

Spent the Sunday morning catching a new (and sadly, cancelled) series – Manhattan Love Story 😀

Manhattan Love Story

I honestly don’t get why the series was cancelled – the characters are really endearing (quoted from @racheww) and the jokes and thought conversations they have with themselves really felt right at home. I laughed a lot through watching the few episodes and I seldom get that. Now I just wish there was some way to revive ’em 😦

Spent the afternoon working out on a new mandarin cover with @evonlotion (check out her YouTube channel if you haven’t), and am really excited about it. Do look out for it (on her channel)! 😀

Went for Vernon’s Hip Hop class held at Eusoff Dance studio for the night. Honestly I felt that I deproved recently, but I’m glad I still held on to some of my hip hop basics and was really happy to learn the techniques tonight. Been feeling a little down over my dance standard recently but tonight was what I needed to continue pushing myself harder. But one thing I do understand is that with a full time job, it’s gonna be hard to push myself to improve fast; what matters is that there’s always some improvement to spark myself forward.

I don’t even know why I’m blogging tonight. But I guess it lets the thoughts out from me and allows me to (hopefully) find inner peace. Now for my good 8 hours of sleep!


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