My visit to Dermatology and Surgery Clinic


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So I finally couldn’t stand my eczema outbreak (been a few weeks!) and decided to try to solve this issue for good.

I tried not to take leave from work, hence I woke up at 8am to take the morning bus/train to Raffles Place. (Got drenched today! -.-) the clinic is very conveniently located at Equity Plaza, just across Republic Plaza when you exit via exit E at Raffles Place MRT. (E for Equity!)

Register at the guest counter and you’ll be allowed access to the 4th floor where the clinic resides. Apparently the norm’s to book an appointment, but I was lucky that there weren’t many people in the morning and I was slotted between 2 guys who had an appointment. Oh, and they open at 8.30am!

I was served by Dr Kwah, who was friendly and helpful. He identified my eczema as slightly more severe with some form of infection (there were skin peels.. Eww), and explained that it was the cause the Egoderm Ointment I was applying didn’t work. The standard stuff of my daily activities these few weeks, and he administered me antibiotics and anti inflammation drugs and creams.

Damage: $200 😦
Consultation itself was a whopping $120 – I guess that’s what you’d expect from a specialist clinic.
$80 got me a week’s full of antibiotics, 2 weeks of Prednisolone, another drug to control the effects of the former (apparently its bad for the stomach!), and a skin cream.


The plastic bag also like super high class.

Really bombed on the clinic visit, hopefully I’ll recover soon!!


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