So it’s two and a half months in working at Garena, and I must say I learnt a lot about the required technologies etc. But amidst the knowledge and experience, something I still am very frustrated with myself is my carelessness in committing (bad) code that I think constitutes a minor change.

My supervisor told me that I need to “think of how every single line of code inserted affects the workings of the program”. This is really very true, and I need to start reminding myself everyday on this. It’s time to put in more effort into *thinking* instead of actually writing code. It’s a bad habit of mine, but I know I need to kick it to become a better programmer.

I suppose work can be kind of scary when you really have no idea whether the work that you’ve done is correct or not – something that especially affects me as I tend to look for validation to keep my mind safe. Still trying to get used to it man, come on xy, you can do this.





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