Wise words from a dance senior that I madly respect, from a random WhatsApp chat with her (rephrased):

Passion is not only driven by feelings, but also commitment. It’s like relationships; in a committed relationship you won’t always feel romance everyday, but it doesn’t mean you love your partner any less.

It really struck me hard. I’ve been looking for something that feels good to do recently – not dance, not singing, not computer games, not programming, it’s like I’m lost in this just-graduated life of mine. Still in the middle stages of my mega long burnout that started early this year, but at least now I know one thing – that me trying so hard to find back that joy in dancing (and everything else) again, might just be a form of commitment I exercise on the things I love. But I do need to take it slow at the same time, for I can’t rush these things; it’s the process that matters.

This is, hopefully, my first step of self acknowledgement towards a better person.


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