NUSSU 65th Anniversary Dinner

So I had the opportunity to perform for the above dinner, thanks to Samuel (whom I am still angry about at bluffing me as I thought I would’ve gotten to sing with you LOL). And it turned out to be an amazing experience.

Photo credits: CJ
Photo credits: CJ

It’s my first gig under Resonance, and I’m sure glad as hell I was a part of this amazing group of singers – they were understanding to my unavailability and re-sang the songs many times for me to practice my VP. (Sorry that I still screwed up Breakeven during the performance day itself.) And we’re a happy bunch! One thing I really like about Resonance is how friendly the people in there are, and how accepting and encouraging they are to my (and others’) ill-proficiency in singing (I have no idea how to phrase this sentence, okay). It really encourages me to strive harder. I’ll definitely try to do better next time!

And the other bonus today, was getting to know the amazing Lorong Boys. They’re a bunch of amazing (to put it more bluntly, fucking awesome) instrumentalists who love to share their passion for music with others, and are down to earth and friendly. Managed to share a short jamming session with them after the event and I was really impressed with their musicality. 🙂

Photo credits: Rit
Photo credits: Rit

I still remember hearing their jamming, and thinking that oh, we were speeding up a bit. But then it hit me that the technicality no longer matters when you’re enjoying yourself – if the atmosphere prompts for a speed-up, then it’s only natural to do so. It retains the human feel in the music too, and most importantly, we gotta be enjoying ourselves in the music. That’s really all that matters, and I want to remember this for as long as I can, as I’ve always felt that I’m someone who can’t connect with music deeply.


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