Photo credit: Nicole Tay
Photo credit: Nicole Tay

Did the video recording for Wilfred’s latch choreography today (for his participation in the Battle of the Choreographers), and I come back with mixed feelings. Not that I’m not happy, just that I’m not completely satisfied with the way I look at dance at the moment.

I thank Wilfred for bringing us together, and showing that hall dancers can bake up some good stuff too. It is indeed heartwarming to see all the ‘ad-hoc’ hall dancers sacrificing their free time for a common purpose, all while having fun in it too. I thank everyone in the WDD crew, for making practices fun and enjoyable, and for never giving up despite everyone being so tired from their own commitments (all the working people Nic Alden Jason Pris, I salute y’all man).


Watched the video of our runs, and I think I let my tiredness get the better of me today; there were many accents and stuff that I thought I did enough but apparently not in the video. There’s just too many factors in place that I can’t get the right portion of each to put in – technique, feeling, execution.

Or maybe my life has been too smooth and I’m giving up too easily..


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