In the past 6 weeks..

I performed in Dancetitude 2013.

Source: Facebook, Nicole Tay
Source: Facebook, Nicole Tay

It’s been one hell of a ride dancing with NUS Dance Blast! as the guest item in NTU’s biannual dance concert, due to many issues with the structure and morale of the group through the few months of dance practices. However, I definitely didn’t regret performing this time, as we pulled through together as a team and managed to deliver a satisfying performance on stage. We may not be the most impressive or interesting dance item in the concert but we definitely had lots of fun – and that’s what’s dance is about, right?

And we had so much fun wearing the halloween costumes! 🙂

I began choreographing with Wilfred for Eusoff Hall Dance Production 2014.

I must’ve been crazy to choreograph a dance on my final year – but it’s definitely worth it, as it’s my first proper stage choreography after I started to pursue more in dance and improved myself. Moreover, I can’t ask for a better partner than Wilfred, my previous rag co-choreographer. Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to put up an impressive item!

I joined NUS Resonance (my school a cappella CCA).

… in an attempt to further my singing abilities. it’s one choice I made this semester that I’ve never regretted, as I’ve learned so much in the ongoing a cappella course that I’m attending currently. The Resonance founders, Edmund and Davina, are really knowledgable when it comes to teaching blending techniques and on-the-spot correction of our sound production. Also, the Resonance singers are a fun and interesting bunch to hang out with 🙂

I sold my Nook HD+, and bought a Microsoft Surface RT.

I have to admit that the Nook HD+ actually satisfied my use patterns, thus replacing it with the Surface may seem to be a downgrade actually – but there were a few factors that influenced me in making this decision:

1. The Surface RT was on discount (S$393 with the Type Cover – that’s a steal compared to the market price!)

2. I thought the ability to use a proper version of Office would help me better, since I use my tablet mainly for work and notes

3. I can use a Windows version of Remote Desktop, and I do that all the time in school to tap into the speed of my desktop. (I stay in the school hostel so my desktop is connected via LAN to the school network)

Of course, the fact that Microsoft just announced the new Surface 2 is a bummer, but the low price was too enticing for me not to notice. And Windows RT is really a pretty OS (with some flaws – I might blog about this next time).

I started interviewing for jobs.


I must say that I’m really blessed to have multiple opportunities for interviewing offered to me – thanks Prof Ben if you’re reading this! It’s definitely a challenge to go through technical interviews as you’re under a stressful environment, but thanks to the huge online resources on interview tips (search Quora, Google!) I was able to prepare a little for them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through the rounds and land a job!

I can’t catch up on my studies.


Studies seem to have become secondary to me recently due to my busy schedule, but I’m definitely trying my best to catch up!

Well that’s about the major events through half the semester! 🙂


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