Now You See Me

Managed to catch this show before I fly off to Dubai! (Yep, I’ll be on a 6-day trip there from Tuesday night :D)


I must say, I really had high hopes for the movie. After all, isn’t the trailer cool? With four magicians performing large scale magic tricks that involve robbing banks seemingly for justice and equality, complete with an all star cast involving many familiar faces (Isla Fisher <3) I was, however, left disappointed as the credits roll. In terms of its action, thrilling and magic scenes, I thought they were pretty well done and the movie really captured my attention all the way towards the end. Sans a few scenes that you know is probably CGI-done.. but never mind about that!

The ‘Four Horsemen’, who are the four magicians running the large scale magic shows.

The biggest complain I have is the lack of character development, or rather, development in the wrong areas that led me to a dissatisfying conclusion at the end of the movie. I really can’t leak anymore details, and I may be wrong about the development (someone kindly point me out and explain if I am), but I am absolutely not convinced by the explanation the movie attempts to give on the “twist”. (Every movie has a twist somewhere, so I hope I’m not spoiling) I mean, there was no clue at all! The link was.. weak. Gosh.

Even the love development was weak, but I guess they don't have screen time for that
Even the love development was weak, but I guess they don’t have screen time for that

Rating: 6/10 (for keeping me in the chair until almost at the end) 😦


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