Mereith X Nina | The Wedding

Been really busy the past week preparing for my good friend Mereith’s wedding, which happened on Sunday. (I’ve mentioned him before in my 2012 post, and you can watch the proposal video, which I was a part of, here.)

Mereith and Nina down the aisle. Credits: Tammy Chew

Although I’ve only known Mereith for less than 3 years, he’s definitely one of the most charming guys I’ve ever known; he’s absolutely good looking, is funny, intelligent, caring (even though he lies all the time to crack jokes, lol), and not to mention that he’s a really, really good dancer. I’m really honored to have known such a good friend, and really happy for him and his blissful marriage. (This is the 10th year of relationship between he and his girlfriend wife!)

I’m really glad to have helped him out as one of the band of brothers (it’s a Chinese tradition – the groom asks for help from his male friends to gatecrash the wife’s house on the wedding day, and the brothers complete tasks by the sisters, who are the bride’s female friends, so the groom can successfully meet the bride), as well as help to coordinate the wedding day and solemnization. It was a tiring but definitely fun experience, and it’s definitely worth it for Mereith. 🙂

Test caption.
We played games with him on his bachelor night. And.. don’t ask me what games were played 😉 Credits: Alden Ho

We also managed to help Mereith to come up with a video for his wife Nina!

And I had the honor of performing with the fantastic Evon for an acoustic performance. It was my first ever singing performance with a guitar, so much to improve on!

And now.. it’s time to get back to work ><


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