Four months of 2013: Performing Arts

I really got lots of things I wanna record down here, and I figured I should split it up into a few sections, starting with the performing opportunities I’ve gotten this semester.

Eusoff Hall Dance Production ’13 – This Thing Of Ours

This DP marked another milestone in my performing ‘profession’, as it was the first time I properly choreographed for a concert hall stage. The 5 months of hard work was definitely worth it – as someone who started dancing in hall, it’s really heartwarming to see people from different backgrounds come to learn dance, and to see them grow and improve. I really found choreographing for DP fulfilling this way 🙂


My dancers – the performance wouldn’t have been possible without them.

And of course, my fellow choreographers – thank you for everything, and I really enjoyed every moment of working with you guys. 🙂


Left-to-right: Me, Nicole (choreographer for another dance, which I danced in), Yanxin, Jason

Shoutout to Nic, who was my very first mentor in dance since I started dancing in hall. I’ve come a long way thanks to you, and I am forever grateful to you. 🙂


Induction – Nic’s dance. My ‘bad boy’ moment – heh. Credits – Eusoffworks

Choreographing for a dance production sure has its pros and cons; while it is an amazing opportunity to put up a performance on the grand stage of UCC hall with budgeted costumes etc, we were very restricted to the plot of the production, and thus limited in terms of the styles of dance we could choreograph. Thus, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone, and while it might not have been the best choreograph I could put up, it was a good experience definitely. And also, choreographing is the least I could do to give back to Eusoff Hall, the residence that made my university life so awesome through the past 4 years.

EMCC ’13 – Dance is _________.

That was the theme of this year’s Blast! campus concert – basically each dance item describes what dance is, according to the choreographers. Sadly due to time constraints I was only able to join one dance (I can’t imagine my workload if I actually did more than one dance..), under the amazing Nic and Youwen weeee.




Awesome awesome choreographers 🙂

It was an old school item with lots of grooves and bounces, and it was a challenge for me as groove is something I’m pretty weak at. I really loved the whole journey with the item, as practices were really fun, the choreography is thoroughly enjoyable, and Nic and Youwen just have this way of making the overall mood of practices light while maintaining discipline. Learnt so much from this experience. 🙂


My very first solo segment ever! XD Credits – TT Photography

Also, I helped out in the couple choreography section of another item – Infinix. I only had a really short time to practice and I’m forever in debt of my partner Sandy lol. But thanks for bearing with me and I think we pulled it off! 🙂 And thank you to the choreographers too, Melissa, Joey, Gladys, Insyirah, Felicia for giving me the opportunity!


Hi Sandy! Credits – TT Photography

Amplitude ’13 – Melodies of Asia

I had to give up a lot of my choral singing opportunities due to my focus on dance, but I couldn’t let go of a cappella definitely. There’s just something about music without instruments that ignites the excitement in me, heh. We chose a slow ballad to match the theme of the concert, and I would say it was an okay performance.. If only we had more time to practice ><


With our traditional malay costumes and all! Credits – KE7 Photography

Temasek Hall Dance Production ’13 – Dreamcatchers

I was really honored to help out in Temasek Hall’s 2nd dance production, by choreographing a short segment on Taeyang’s Wedding Dress (technically I only choreographed a little and helped with formations, as I used the original choreography in the song’s MV). It was really fun working with the Temasek Hall residents, and I appreciate their commitment and enthusiasm towards the production. Who says Temasek Hall’s all about sports?


Credits – Temasek Multimedia

And thank you to Michelle, my co-choreographer for helping me out when I’m busy and am unable to commit to rehearsal schedules. 🙂

Dance Uncensored ’13 – Dreaming with your Feet

This DU might probably be one of the most memorable ones, because all my friends that have been dancing with me since Year 1/2 are leaving school and this is probably the last time I’m dancing with all of them. It’s been an amazing 4 years with my friends.


“Find Me”, choreographed by Wilfred and Felicia. Credits – KE7 Photography

It was a good experience dancing in Wilfred & Felicia’s item, because of so many things – the choreography is simply beautiful (contemporary + hip-hop fusion), the company is fun, and there’s something each and everyone of us can relate to the item’s significance. Although we only had 1.5 months to prepare, we practiced really hard and I’m really happy to be dancing together with everyone on stage. (Shoutout to Khym for being such a talented dancer and crazehhhhh partner :D)


Forget-Me-Not, choreographed by Nicole. Credits – TL Photography

THE graduating seniors’ item. (I’m not graduating, but I’m in the same batch.) It was an item that was especially meaningful to all of us, because it serves as a bittersweet conclusion to our university life – dancing the item is like telling a story, of all the colorful experiences I’ve gone through in my past 4 years. The concept of the item basically says that there is no happy ending, because if something ends, it would’t be a happy thing. It’s something scarily true, but it’s the happy memories we forge that provides us with the motivation to move on. 🙂 The item also hopefully serves as a closure for me, in some of my personal matters.

Wow that was long. More to come, but first, let me get to work and study!


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