NUSMods: A Timetable Builder for NUS Undergraduates

If you’re an NUS student, you should check out


It’s a replacement timetable builder for NUS undergraduates. I won’t say much, but I’ll list down a few reasons why it’s good:

1. No need to install.

No offense here (Unofficial NUS Timetable Builder), but the removal of installation requirements made NUSMods easier to access, and on every computer.

2. Save your timetable through a bookmark

(I’m pretty happy about this because I first suggested the feature :P)

Generate short links like this: and share timetables with your friends, or bookmark it so you can view it on all your devices with bookmarks synced. (I view it on my phone on a regular basis)

3. Fast and colorful.

Try it.

Of course, it does have its disadvantages (such as the inability to scale well when you resize the browser window), but it’s definitely the timetable app I’ll use for now.


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