Happy New Year!

I wrote my post about my 2012 but I don’t have a good computer/internet connection to insert the appropriate photos yet! Loading a year’s worth of photos from Facebook proved to be too tough for my netbook/handphone to handle.

But, Happy 2013 to you! I’m sure this year will be even better than the last. 🙂

Anyway, I’m finally home for a _really_ long break of 10 days! Haven’t been home for such a long period of time, I’m enjoying this good and well-needed break, while missing out on all the dance practices in Singapore. :s sorry choreographers, I will catch up!

And this is my new workstation that I brought home! 🙂

I needed to replace my phone after my Xperia Play broke (will write a post on it soon!) and my work iPhone got stolen :cries:, and I managed to secure a really cheap deal for this awesome phone and pseudo laptop. :p Spent a total of S$110 on a 2nd hand Motorola Atrix + Lapdock! Although its an old model, it definitely has the powerful internals to blaze through what I needed it for – lagless web browsing and social networking. 🙂 and I managed to install a near-fully working version of CM10.1, thanks to epinter from xda-developers.

Been eating lots of good food over here in Malaysia, including awesome fish head curries, fried chicken etc. But most awesomely, I get to eat my mum’s fantastic cooking 🙂


That’s preserved egg porridge! Yay.

Gotta buck up and work doubly hard when I get back to Singapore!



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