Bad Day

Yeah, here goes that generic title, but I guess the combination of losing my matric card and my phone kind of makes it a bad day.

1. Never trust public places. Wait, wasn’t that a given?

I guess I didn’t really understand the importance of keeping my valuables safe, and left my phone for preys to steal it. Curse that person who stole my phone.. Oh, did I mention that it wasn’t my phone that was stolen, but my boss’ phone, which I borrowed to debug his app? Yeah I just did 😦

2. Our social networks are pretty nice when it comes to this.

This greeted me after I changed my password. I thought it was pretty nifty – of course I would love to have the ability to revoke access to other devices with a single click, especially in dire times like this. But then again, my friend had his account hacked (the hacker also hacked his friend’s account), so I can’t say it’s exactly the most secure.. Heh.

As for Twitter, it also gave me a quick link to the App Access page, so I could disable access from my phone. 🙂

3. I need to learn to.. learn lessons better.

I lost my wallet 8 months ago. To lose two important things in such a short time, I guess I can call that an achievement, yeah?



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