I’m, uh, back.

And my streak of posting everyday ended since the semester started (the previous post ended up being more than 3 months ago) – I guess I was THAT busy with school work, dance rehearsals and hall life in general. I really feel bad for not writing as I really wanted to update my blog often (as a personal goal actually, one that I guess I failed to accomplish), but then again I didn’t want to write a post if I did not have enough time to write a proper post. (Not like I have time now, I should be studying for my exams!)

The higher level modules I took this semester turned out to be really enriching – CS4243 was interesting as the concepts learnt were relevant to existing technologies (I know how panorama works now!) and for my group project we were able to morph one face to another. Awesome fun. (At the expense of sleep, of course.) As for CS5237, while not really applicable to my life yet I had fun learning on Delaunay Triangulation and its applications. Our group came up with a Delaunay Art Generator for our project and it turned out quite interesting:

ImageLeft: Obama. Right; Obama ‘triangulated’.

Basically we detect feature points by selecting points that have a large relative color difference from its neighbours, perform Delaunay triangulation on the points, and average the colors in the triangles. It generates some interesting art when used on faces and nature images! Give it a try 😀

And I went for O School Recital auditions in the end (yes I’m just reading off my previous post haha), and I’m sure glad as hell I did because it’s been an amazing experience so far under Ronnie‘s guidance. He’s really an amazing choreographer and teacher, and I respect him a lot. Gotta buck up to match the rest in the same performance item though, everyone’s so good!

Two more papers left on Friday and Saturday. I can do it!


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