Week One

Haven’t been updating much these few days, the first week of school has been.. enriching I guess? Really dreading modules that I’m reading this semester, especially the higher-level modules – CS4243 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition and CS5237 Computation Geometry and Applications. The concepts taught in these modules are really chim (slang for ‘hard to understand’) and I foresee myself having a tough time coping with these subjects. 😦 And I haven’t even begun to list the other Mathematics modules..

I didn’t dance for a week (as I went back home last week) and I could already feel myself losing some control over my body – my movements feel less sharp and controlled. I guess dance (or probably any physical activity in general) is really routine-based, in that you have to regularly practice and get used to your body to maintain your ability. It’s tough in the midst of busy school work and my part time job, but I guess it’s worth it because it’s so much fun.

Also, I decided to attempt the O School Recital audition. I know it’s gonna be a crazy commitment if I do get in, but hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? (Hi Prof Ben) It’s really one of the few chances that I don’t want to miss right now, especially since this year the recital dates are a week after examinations, which means I can fully focus on my exams first. 🙂

I’m really trying my best not to live in my memories.


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