home sweet home

Haven’t been updating the previous days because I’m currently relaxing in Malaysia, accompanying my parents. I haven’t been home for quite some time so it’s a good break for me!

Went out to do some shopping these few days, and I realised that Malaysia fashion might just have some hope after all 😛 Malaysia’s clothing designs are more ah-beng compared to Singapore, as they tend to be more flashy and contain a lot of graphics in an.. attempt to be cool, I guess, but the fashion is pretty yesteryear to me.

And I couldn’t find the shoes I want – I needed white/black based shoes for my dance performance, and the shoes with designs I want are always out of stock for my size (US 7.5). I guess my foot size is popular around here.. Oh well.

On a side note, if you haven’t, do check out http://about.me. It’s a pretty cool website! 🙂


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