Windows 7 Customizations

Was trying to get dual-boot working on my VAIO P today (It was tough because I forgot I was supposed to install Windows 7 before OS X), and I realised that I’ve always been repeating the same small tweaks to my new installations of Windows 7 on my computers. Personally I like the tweaks as it removes small annoyances that get in your way sometimes.

1. Login directly into Windows 7 without entering password

A password is always useful as a means of protection (and for my case, I need it for Remote Desktop, which I use a lot), but I personally dislike the idea of always having to type my password at the login screen on every boot, especially since I’m the only user of my computer. This tweak accomplishes that easily, and I find it really useful.

2. Disable black overlay when User Account Control prompts appear

I think it’s not very safe to disable UAC (this is open to debate, I guess) as I think it acts as a layer of protection for you before opening any applications, and is also an extra ‘check’ in case you accidentally open the wrong app (sometimes I do). One thing that I don’t like about it, though, is the black overlay that always appears with it:

Not exactly the correct Windows 7 build but I don’t know how to take screenshots in secure desktop -.-

The overlay actually disables Windows Aero in the process and kinda slows down your computer (especially on my netbook). The instructions in the above link removes the black overlay so as to provide a prompt that is less intrusive, in my opinion.

3. Manage Action Center messages

The Action Center is a little notification tool that tells you when your system settings for updates and antivirus matters are not optimal. Personally I like it when it tells me that my antivirus is out of date, but not when it tells me that Windows Update is not set to automatically download and install updates. I would like update notifications, but I choose when I want to download them. Please.

You can actually customize Action Center messages by following the above link and removing notifications to things you don’t want to be reminded about. Pretty useful IMO.

Any other tips and tricks you can share with me? 🙂


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