Total Recall

As part of our gay date special, me and buddy Jason decided to catch Total Recall yesterday. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of audience even though it’s the 2nd day of showing – we managed to get pretty central seats!


I thought the trailer looked pretty cool, and the concept of the movie is quite smart too – you have your guy with his memory erased, and as he start to remember things he realises that he’s not your typical worker, but some awesome secret agent. Possible spoilers ahead!

The movie was pretty.. meh. I won’t say it’s bad as the action scenes are done pretty well with nice CG, but the plot feels lackluster mostly – some loopholes here and there. At the end of the day there wasn’t a lot of character development and that led to the weak personality shaping of the main cast.

I thought the 3 main actors/actresses (Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel) didn’t really act well (possibly because there wasn’t really any room for them to showcase their acting talents in the first place). Especially – ugh – Kate Beckinsale, her character was really just another agent mindlessly trying to kill the main Doug guy the whole show. But she’s hot, of course. Along with Jessica Biel.

Really, this could’ve be an awesome show, but the development picking off from the end of the movie’s trailer onwards didn’t really do the idea justice. ><

Rating: 5/10


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