OSx86 on my VAIO P

With the extra time I had towards the end of my internship, I ventured into the world of OSx86 again and attempted another installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) on my little netbook. Even though I’ve tried to Mac-ify my VAIO P in the past, I felt the most satisfied this time as I was installing it with a purpose – I really wanted to use Mac for XCode (iOS programming), and I’m starting to like the Mac interface too.

The results of my hard work last week – my P running SL 10.6.7! All thanks to the awesome folks over at InsanelyMac, especially ryuu123, Thico Alves and soya. There’s lots of things that are not working though – brightness controls, almost any form of animation (the poor graphic card is not accelerated), and Flash and YouTube crashes the web browsers. However, the machine actually runs at acceptable speeds, and best of all, XCode 4.2 runs great! I was able to compile iOS 5.1 projects on it with some hacking.

Brought it out yesterday to do some web programming, and I’m happy that this 2+ years old netbook still allows me to code well. (Did I mention that the keyboard is in a class of its own?)

And I got that Cliptec Bluetooth mouse in the picture for only S$13.90 – awesome promotion from Challenger. 🙂


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