Internship: Complete!

And so today marks the end of my official 3-month internship!

Well, it was a fun and enjoyable experience doing iOS programming again (no chance elsewhere), and I’ve agreed to continue working part-time for my boss. It’ll just be bug fixes mostly and I hope it won’t kill me during semester time, with SUAD practices and all. It’s gonna be tough definitely, but I’m tougher! Roar!

On a sidenote, I was just glancing through my blog stats these few days and to my horror, I got 100++ views these few days wth.

Yeah, seems like CORS got all our NUS students into a frantic search for module reviews (duh..), especially the GEM2900/GEM2901 series. Hopefully my reviews earlier helped. 🙂

And speaking about modules, my modules this semester are boring T.T all cores and not very interesting, I must say. And difficult. Oh gosh. *faints*



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