Dancing is difficult.

In order to dance well and look together as a group (in preparation for a dance performance), one of the most dreaded word in dance goes by the phrase of “cleaning up”. This means that the choreographer essentially reteaches the steps, but goes through each dance step in excruciating detail such that everyone will look the same. This includes the general height of the step, angles formed by the lines, head position etc.

Now one might ask – why doesn’t the choreographer just go through details the first time the dancers learn the steps? I’m guessing it’s because dancers tend to forget details if taught too much, from both physical and mental tireness (yes, dance is very mentally draining too). And so, the rough choreography is taught first to let the dancers get a general feel of the steps and the song. Even cleaning up needs to be gone through multiple times.

That’s why it’s really difficult. I went through a cleanup session today and I’m really drained now, and I know I’m not up to standard yet. Han Rui came to tell me that I looked really stressed and tense when I dance and I need to relax. True indeed, I think I really was focusing too much on the steps and too little on the feel of the song itself. Gotta work harder! >:)

Went out with my computing friends yesterday, and we spent an hour in HMV just walking around. Haven’t done that in a while and I realised how great it felt – just casually relaxing and listening to nice music played by the shop while I browse through the selection of music and movies. And it reminded me about how long it has been since I last listened to music properly. I need a day off with just my music man.



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