I was very privileged to be able to attend the Singapore premiere for Disney’s newest animation movie, Brave, thanks to my awesomely handsome friend Luke (do check out his handsome blog if you haven’t!). It’s my first time watching a movie premiere so I was excited as hell. Possible spoilers ahead!


Brave is a movie about a princess, Merida, who doesn’t like being one (having proper royal etiquette, living a ‘prearranged’ life or sorts), and she always can’t get along with her mother because of that. Instead, she loves hunting and adventuring, and in trying to turn her mother to accept her preferences, Merida attempted a spell on her mother which went horribly wrong.

Personally, I thought the movie was a pleasant one, but definitely not as good as other awesome Pixar movies. To me, the storyline feels a little forced, in terms of connecting the whole spell thing with discovering the mysteries that ultimately lead to the undoing of it. (Come on, its a Disney movie, of course it’s gonna be a happy ending..) The more action-packed scenes at the back were quite nice though, and there was adequate character development to display how Merida and her mum came to an understanding of each other. (I wished there were more, though.)

I couldn’t relate to the show as much as I do have a good relationship with my mum (thankfully, I love you mum!), and I thought that girls would relate better. Oh, and the 3 brothers of the princess were really cute! Kinda reminds me of the small girl in Despicable Me. 🙂

My rating: 7/10


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