Without Twitter

I think I’m really quite addicted to Twitter, haha. Not in the sense that I will keep wanting to read the Twitter wall, but at some random point in a day a sentence will pop out in my mind waiting for me to tweet it. Things like..

Where the hell is the bus, I’m late!

*insert random song lyric here*

I love the Pokemon game music, it’s so well-composed!

and etc.

Twitter is really a network for all your thoughts throughout the day, I guess. Now that there’s nowhere for me to rant/emo/reflect, it’s all kind of stuck in myself, but I will deal with it for I have made a promise to myself to stop for at least a week. Hohoh.

Too addicted for my own good!

I still find myself typing ‘tw’ in the address box and Google Chrome autocompletes it for me before I know it, but I close the window anyway. I have discipline! 😛

Anyway, here’s a video about a collaboration between an awesome dancer and one of my favourite independent singers. 🙂


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