Priorities, gone wrong again?

I really hate it when I have schedule clashes.

It’s not even like I’m taking multiple activities and swarming myself with thing to do; you know it’s stupid when you try to arrange your gatherings around your dance practices, and then the dance practice have to have multiple changes in schedule that make you reschedule your gatherings. And in the end, you still can’t go for your gathering because of a clash.

Now who’s the responsible one here? Do I blame the choreographer for changing practice timings? No, I shouldn’t, because I’ve already agreed to commit to practices to prepare for the upcoming concert. But yet by going for the practice, I miss out a chance to meet up with this very specific group of friends, one that treats me really well but I feel guilty for because I’ve always been kind of neglecting them and their attention, due to my busy commitments.

You know how bad that feels?


Also, I decided to quit Twitter for a while. It’s kind of funny when you suddenly don’t know how people are doing, but I guess it’s a good break for me.


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