Dance.. Dance Revolution

So I kinda got back into playing DDR.. it has always been something I enjoy, and more of a geeky thing than anything else (just like playing Magic, like Wilfred says). I really have to say, though, that DDR made me a lot more rhythmic and sensitive to beats in the music, and I guess it helped me in dance that way. 🙂 shall post photos (or rather, remember to take photos when playing) soon!

Talking about dance.. recently its been really tiring I guess? Fell sick in the middle of the week and I remembered my whole body burning with lots and lots of coughing and sneezing. This was one of my quickest recovery from sickness though, it only lasted 3 days much to my surprise. (I always fall sick for over a week everytime on average.)

And hence I took a real break these 3 days and its been amazing. No coding, just relaxing, dancing a little and watching movies and shows. Rewatched Batman Begins and I must say I really appreciated the film in a different way – I first watched it when I was 15 and didn’t understand a thing, lol. And I ate a lot these few days omg. Fatty fatty.

I guess it’s only till this year when I started understanding the whole thing about sad love songs. They will make sense to you when you’ve been through similar events, and nowadays I find myself unable to appreciate the happy/therapeutic ones because sometimes, you know, life is tough and the happy things won’t happen (at least not on my current incident). But yeah, we sing them to remind people to go through the dark times, to perservere and don’t give up, before all gets.. too late.

And I made this blog post through the new WordPress app for Android! I really like the interface, it’s polished and adopts ICS’ Holo principles mostly. 🙂



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