July Checklist..

Ok, so I probably need a July checklist after all.

1. Spend $10 maximum per week on DDR.
This is getting out of hand! I played like, 4 credits on 1 trip. Yes I love DDR but I have no $$$ for it.

2. Go for a maximum of 6 O School classes.
And this is not because of money. (Well, partly..) Been really dancing every day, so much that I’m starting to feel a bit jaded about it. (Hi Charlotte) I love practices because they are fun, but when you have intensive dance workouts everyday, it’ll really tire you out.. And that’s on top of all my internship and project work.

Anyway, Ronnie’s class is awesome. 🙂

3. Focus.

Been blanking out at situations I’m not supposed to, and my brain rewired on Thursday night when I kinda shouted ‘Bitch!’ at 2 of my friends (jokingly) with a female in between us. (Sorry..) I guess it’s because of all the shit happening recently, but I gotta pull myself together.


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