This Summer

Summer 2010

Rot, set up orientation website, rag dance.

Summer 2011

Rot, Minecraft, rag choreographer.

Summer 2012

Rot, internship, IT project, dance classes, Blast!.

This summer has probably got to be the most exciting one yet – in terms of what I’m doing at least. I get to go out with friends once in a while, making my work-play balance pretty sweet, and I’m getting quite a lot of dance opportunities, which is awesome.

I saw my old choir friends’ photos, of them competing in international competitions overseas in the alumni choir. Can’t help but feel rather.. wasted and regretful? What if I continued to pursue my interest in choral singing, and did less of dancing and hall involvement? Not to say these newfound experiences weren’t good (in fact they were too awesome for words to describe), but choral singing is really something that I appreciate.. and something that’s beautiful. If only I had more time to get involved in it.

But again, I’m really not a superman anymore..


Too many things happening this summer.

I’ve seen couples with cheating partners, people ignoring sad truths and refusing to believe in what they don’t want to believe, people getting hurt and crying, people having habits that I would never think they would have.

This summer, I learnt that the world is indeed a very dark place. I guess the only times where I can really focus and have fun is during dance practices.. Other than that, I just keep getting reminded of all the shit that’s been happening around me.

This summer, I realised that I am weak when it comes to defending against saddening matters of the heart.


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