I don’t really like gambling, I guess.

Watched several games of Poker played by my friends, and I must say it’s a very interesting and mysterious game. You have to kind of bluff your way through, and now I finally understand the true derivation of the phrase poker face – acting skills are extremely important in this game. I didn’t play with them, because I just can’t bring myself to spend real money on a game.

I think I’m weird that way, I guess. I don’t know whether I’m like.. scared that I will lose all my chips and start cashing in real money (and continue losing them), or what. I was mentally simulating what I would do (to fold or to 跟) when looking at my friend’s cards, and I realised I’m quite irrational when it comes to this decision.. I think I’ll start paying out damn a lot of cash if I really do play Poker.

Or it might just be my tough luck which has always followed me through my whole life.. lol!


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