I’m constantly on the move.

These past few weeks have been quite the hell to me.. After Sparkz it was Chingay, then it was DP, and then to a nonexistent recess week in which I learned that it’s never good to play too much when you know you have 230948029384 chapters to revise. And that led to one of the most disappointing midterm that I’ve ever taken.

Not to mention my major screwup through the recess week, and my inability to do anything about it.

Finally I get some time to breathe tonight, albeit a short one but I’m glad that I’m still alive. Nonstop dance practices leading up to Eusoff Fiesta and Dance Uncensored are really tiring, but I’m really enjoying them a lot – it’s really the only form of entertainment and hobby that I can spare time to do for now. Got a lot of work to catch up to, and I’m frankly quite worried about what’s gonna happen to my results this semester, but I know I have to carry on and bring this semester down.

Time to reward myself with a good, long sleep.


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