Sparkz 2012

Today, we lost badly.

Not sure what went wrong, we really can’t blame the sound system or anything, I guess it’s because we didn’t prepare well.. We actually sounded really good together during the sound check, to the point where I was rather confident of at least putting up a good show. But.. it just didn’t happen during the actual competition period. We were off-pitch, sharp, our lead went flat at a crucial part, and comments from our friends indicated that we were not in tune for several parts of the song.

I blame myself for not mentally preparing well before I step on stage – my heart was beating fast, and I didn’t cool down well enough. Maybe I should’ve stressed myself a little during the waiting time, by constantly practicing my own part. I think I wasn’t concerned in the sense that I thought we wouldn’t make so many mistakes, but we really did, and we did badly.

Lesson learnt – always prepare more than you think you need. I really need to start working harder to perfect my hearing and singing, so that such things will not happen again.


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