Absinthe: greenpois0n jailbreak for iPad 2 (and iPhone 4S)

I happened to be one of the unlucky souls who had a lot of trouble jailbreaking.

Tips for a successful jailbreak:

– Do a Shift restore. This means downloading the iOS 5.0.1 firmware for your device (www.redmondpie.com), going to iTunes, hold down Shift and click the Restore button. A file dialog should open, and point it to the ipsw firmware file you downloaded. This does a clean restore back to the original 5.0.1 software, with all your settings removed (make sure to backup!)
(I am guessing I had this problem as I first updated to 5.0.1 from 4.3.5 without erasing data)
(It wasn’t enough to do a Erase all Data and Settings from the iPad for me)

– Make sure your iPad is plugged in through the whole process (or at least until the progress bar reaches completion on the Absinthe GUI program). I used the Windows version, and before the progress bar completes (and say something like ‘Almost done’), do not unplug.

– Instead of pressing the Absinthe icon after the GUI program completes, what I did was to go to Settings – General – Network – VPN and slided the slider ON. After a while (with the spinning wheel), it will say ‘A configuration error occured’. Now wait for a short while and your device will reboot.

Just my two cents! 🙂


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