My 2011

I remember there was a year (2008?) where I DotA-ed through the new year. How pathetic ._.

In 2011, I..

*digs through Facebook photos*

1. … wrote a post about my 2010. Heh!

2. Till Death Do Us Apart.
My first experience of a lead role in one of the dances, my first experience as a dance coordinator, and my first experience in crying really hard after the curtain closed.

3. Chingay 2011.
Performed for Asia’s Grandest Stage for the first time. (sorry Jie Lin, I really like this photo :P)

4. First experience of fine dining. (It’s so goddamn freaking expensive..) (No, I’m not the waiter.)

5. Went to support my buddy Wilfred during the Singapore Dance Delight 02 preliminaries! That was one of my first exposures to so many strong dancers (and the different dance styles) in Singapore.

6. Dressed up in the ’60s and performed for Eusoff Fiesta. (I really loved the temporary tattoo thing!)
And it’s my first a cappella arrangement being sang – Forget You by Cee Lo Green.

7. Performed for NUS Open House! Under Eusoff Choir and Eusoff A Cappella.

8. Went to watch Live! Tay Kewei. She is such an amazing singer. ❤

8. Completed my first dance course at O School, Wedding Dress by Zaihar. I love the dance steps!

9. Watched my first Dance Blast! concert –> Shut Up And Dance 2011. Awesome stuff.

10. Made my first A Cappella video for a friend’s birthday. 🙂

11. Performed at Dance Uncensored 2011 – under the combined item, and where I met so many crazy people – Charlotte, VK and Mereith just to name a few! I loved every moment of it. (Weiting, Ming Jie, Adinda!!)

(this is during our outing! :D)

12. Developed my first iPad app with my team – BattleWars. (not published :p)

13. Hall freak in action again – won the Cultural Medallion of Eusoff Hall. Thank you 🙂

14. Finished Portal 2 in the midst of exams. LOL. (It’s an awesome game – go play it!)

15. Went to Pulau Besar with my friends. Awesome trip 😀 (please do not mind my slutty pose.)

16. Made a Friday parody with my friends for another friend’s birthday (twins!) 🙂

17. Started playing Minecraft. DAMN AWESOME.

18. Lost a bet for having the.. best results and treated all of them to Xiao Long Bao buffet. ($$$$ fly away)

19. Choreographed for the first time, with Wilfred for Rag Day. This was a special one because it was a collaboration between Eusoff Hall and Temasek Hall. Had so much fun with the choreography and dancers. 🙂

(.. hello gay buddy.)

20. Celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday at some place, and we prepared a song for him 🙂 It was so last minute but it turned out pretty well!

21. Joined NUS Dance Blast. I LOVE BLAST!

22. Performed for EMCC 2011 – A Series of Unfortunate Events as my first Blast! performance. I love the people here 🙂
Special shoutouts to Nic and Glenn!


(Spam photo!)

23. Went to watch The Real Group in Singapore with my A Cappella friends. They are seriously the best a cappella group in the world.

24. Sang for MDIS Graduation Ceremony for the 3rd time 🙂

25. Formed RANXM! ❤

26. My second piece of a cappella arrangement, I’m Yours was sung by the freshies in Eusoff A Cappella 🙂 This one really means a lot to me because it’s my full arrangement 🙂

27. Got 1st in PA’s Youth Got Talent competition, Vocal Group category! 😀 We sang Words by The Real Group.

28. Stepped up to choreograph Chingay 2012, NUS EH-TH section with Wilfred and Joy. Quite a disaster..

29. Went to Taiwan 🙂

(As you can see, I take really retarded photos.)

30. Completed Popping I & II courses in O School! Thanks to Wei Jie. He is fantastic! And I love popping 🙂

31. Carolled for the 4th year, and 3rd year under Eusoff Choir. 🙂

32. Wrote this post. 😀 (took me a few hours!)

32 things for my 2011! And most of them are big, exciting events. This is definitely a year I wouldn’t forget. 😀


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