Half more!

So two exams were over.. GEM2901 was not too bad, but I wasn’t sure of whether I answered most questions correctly 😦 and due to the steep bell curve I doubt I’ll get a good grade. (And hence probably S/U it..) As for CS2105, it was okay. Hopefully I can pass with a decent grade. 🙂

Took the day off today after the exam, playing some dota games (ok I admit it’s not just some) and just relaxing in general. Totally the wrong attitude as I have another paper on Saturday, and it’s hard 😦 I promise I will study hard from tomorrow onwards! Really hard!!

And recently I’m quite addicted to 9gag haha. I guess I’m totally late to the trend but it’s an awesome site with awesome jokes. Check it out!

Something like this:


3 thoughts on “Half more!

  1. Jiayou Xianyou! It’s okay to relax a bit, but mug hard for the days leading up to the rest of your exams and you’ll reap what you sowed! (: All the best!

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