Things I learned from reading 43 blogs

(which, no matter how you look at it, is a torture especially during the reading week)

– If you’re looking for my reflection post, go to the one after this! –

1. I can’t keep my attention span, and I feel sorry for people whose names start after M, because I started to lose focus and not read as detailed as I did for people whose names start from A-L.

2. Half the class died in October. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at how many people in this class blogged in October. I guess it’s the final project phenomenon, plus the wave of assignments and projects that usually come swamping in the second half of the semester.

3. Some people don’t reflect a lot, some people do. Personally, I feel that blogging is not a fair judge of how much a person has learnt; as some people mentioned in their blogs, they are not so good with penning down their thoughts. However it’s heartwarming to see people trying to write about what they’ve actually learnt, which I feel the same for some of the things I read.

4. Two things that caught my eye:

  • Ziwei mentioned that CS3216 projects are more interesting because “we have more freedom to choose the topic and thus everyone was enthusiastic.” This is really true – there are really no restrictions on what each group wants to produce (except porn and gambling of course.. XD) and this makes people really work for the things that they want.
  • Weiguang penned down about some thoughts related to programmers picking up business, and the situation with his team shaped out to be what it is, which I really agrees.

And now, time for the brutal truth. (Incoherent post follows)

Reading through all the posts by my peers in CS3216, I can’t help but wonder why I did not feel the same level of excitement as they are. I was a programmer during my 3 assignments, nothing else – I just coded, and coded, occasionally helping out in a little bit of design. I have to admit that I didn’t really put in much effort in wanting to learn about business and execution in the first place, and that’s probably where I didn’t get the real taste of this module, which looking from my peers’ blog posts is the essence of CS3216.

Part of the reason, I guess, is that I’ve already burned out from everything else. Choir, A Cappella, Dance, Chingay (which is a b*tch btw), and a multitude of other hall factors are driving me crazy. It was my choice to juggle everything together, and now I would say I have a moderate level of regret about it. What if I didn’t do so much other things, and had more focus on CS3216? Maybe I would’ve learned more, and maybe BetterMe would come out as an even better product. I admit that I didn’t place as much emphasis as others probably did in CS3216, and that’s where I fall short – I felt that I haven’t learned as much as my peers in this semester.

But I mentioned a moderate level of regret – I am a performer, and I ain’t giving up that side of me so soon. The best I could’ve done is probably to reduce the number of commitments I have, but due to various factors (which caused all the ruckus halfway through the semester, that I’ve blogged back then), I couldn’t pull myself out from them.

I guess it’s kind of a waste that I didn’t grasp all the learning points of CS3216, since there’s no second chance for me to try again (even if I want to become a superhuman like Joshua, I can’t, since this is the last offering).

It’s time to take a break and think about what I want to do with my life..


7 thoughts on “Things I learned from reading 43 blogs

  1. I admit that I didn’t place as much emphasis as others probably did in CS3216, and that’s where I fall short – I felt that I haven’t learned as much as my peers in this semester.

    Don’t worry too much. You are not competing with the rest in terms of what you learnt. Life presents you with many opportunities to learn.

    Sometimes you are more prepared to learn; other times, you’re more distracted or perhaps not ready to learn.

    I really don’t think you need to read every blog at one go. I guess I expected people to read the blogs over a couple of days as a sort of a “break activity” when they are tired of cramming for other classes. I think it’s quite okay to read say 8 blogs a day over the course of a week. 🙂

    1. Reading it in one go is actually more satisfying. I don’t know about xianyou but I really don’t like the nagging feeling that there’s an incomplete task hanging around for too many days.

      1. It’ll be good to read all of them if you sort of want to consolidate on what the general feel about the class is, I think.
        I’m just sad that perhaps I could’ve learned more. Oh well, need to mentally prepare myself for more situations like this!

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