The Last.

And it’s over. Mixed feelings, I would say – it’s not that I didn’t want the module to end (heck, we’ve been kind of suffering all the way, albeit for good reasons), but maybe because.. I don’t know. There are things that doesn’t seem right, things that I hope I’ve done better.

I realised, through my previous posts, that I seem to be a person of regret. Maybe I have high expectations of myself, but I guess that’s the hard way of making yourself improve more, right? And I know that I definitely didn’t complete some of the things that I’ve hoped to achieve this semester, not only in this module, but on life and work in general.

Can anyone explain to me what this picture means? o.o
I found it when I looked for ‘regret’ in Google Images. Haha.

Looking back at my very first post, I’ve definitely worked with different types of people – really good programmers in my few projects, fantastic designers (shoutouts to Yin Yue and Yong Shen!) and some of them had really strong beliefs and ideas that made me feel good when working on the projects. One thing that I didn’t realise at the start of the semester, was how different programmers would work differently – I definitely wasn’t really content with how Meet2Eat was managed in terms of programming schedule, but we pulled through anyway. The first assignment (Shop4Me) was definitely one of the more organized projects that I’ve done – maybe it’s because of CodeIgniter, or how we organized our code and work distribution etc. Kudos to Alan on that.

As for myself, I think I am more of a solo coder, as I don’t really have time to meet up with my teammates because of my busy workload (I normally code at ungodly hours after 2am :/). I’m so sorry to my teammates who had to adapt to my working style sometimes.

In terms of my level of programming, to be honest I didn’t think that I level-ed up a whole lot. I definitely picked up bleeding edge technologies like Facebook Integration, HTML5 features etc, but I guess in terms of code design and organization I still have a long way to go. I couldn’t do much to ensure that the code in the projects were of decent level of design, but CS3216 really make me want to work on future projects in hope that I would write cleaner code next time. I guess in this light it’s good for me. 🙂 Oh and CS3216 made me start reading online tutorials on web programming practices. 🙂

Nettuts+ is damn awesome. Check it out!

As to my final project (check it out if you haven’t!), it was a long but satisfying ride. To be honest, I was skeptical of my group’s idea at the start, as I didn’t think that creating such an app would be actually useful – I was scared that no one would use it, as there are many inherent problems with how we are going to make the users return to our sites, how to actually make them learn something etc. I was pleasantly surprised with how my whole team had the determination to keep going, to actually interview teachers and students, and we’re actually trying to get in touch with MOE right now. I guess if it was me, I wouldn’t have the courage to really step forward and try my very best to make a difference (as my teammates really did).

Yong Shen, thank you for your fantastic designs, the whole idea and your belief in it to really make a difference. You’ve really done a lot!

Jun Hong, thanks for all the coding and also making sure that our app reaches out, through your effort in getting primary school students to use the apps, and getting in touch with teachers etc. Without you BetterMe wouldn’t come far.

Kenny, thanks for tanking whenever I was busy. 😦 I have a lot to learn from you in programming, I really like the way you structured the backend API code, and you’re damn good!

Go BetterMe!

All in all, CS3216 was definitely a good module to take, zero regrets, and I feel sad that it won’t be offered again to other students after this one. I’m glad that I took the last offering, and I learned a lot, not only in programming, but in actually understanding the real world and making a difference. I definitely still have a long way to go in terms of coming up with ideas and executing them, but at the very least, this module sparked me to want to do things. 🙂

Thanks Prof Ben and Kok Wee.


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