Growing up

As October passes by quickly, life has been getting tougher. Somehow, my work/arts life hasn’t been reducing (like I expected it to), but keeping the steady, busy pace. Just as my performances are coming to a close, my a cappella group got into two competitions’ audition rounds, Sparks 2011 and PA’s Youth Got Talent. Heh. And 3216 doesn’t help. :/

I had mixed feelings about last week’s lecture; I felt that some of the speakers were talking about things that are way too far from me, from where I am standing right now. Of course, it’s good to dream big, right? Just that I guess I’m not really on that side yet – I got to settle the things I have right now and maintain my balance before I actually start venturing out. But again, the world waits for no one.

Not to say I didn’t take away anything from last weeks’ lecture though, I thought that the first speaker, Pareth, was a good one. He actually got me (and my fellow friends) excited about doing a startup; I remember there was even one group who asked whether they can schedule a meeting with him. He mentioned that entrepreneurship is all about risk-taking, enthusiasm and knowing your comfort zone. I remember him putting emphasis on enthusiasm; true enough, if you’re not enthusiastic and heated about the project you’re working on, it won’t come out as a product worth your every sweat and effort.

And he mentioned.. OPM, or other people’s money, hahaha…

I was quite surprised when I first saw Red Sports, as I haven’t heard of it during my JC times in Hwa Chong. I remembered that HCUnite was a really good initiative from Hwa Chong (it’s a site dedicated to reporting events, performing arts and sports from Hwa Chong), and Red Sports presumably works on the same concept with emphasis on sports. Nevertheless it’s a cool site that I wish I read during my JC times.

To be honest, I find MobDiz quite underwhelming; I tried visiting the site on my Android phone, and it didn’t display that well. User interface is really the first impression that will either destroy or package your product impression. I heard that the company is fun to work at, though, as many of my friends are in. It was interesting to learn how the founders struggled to bring the company through the early years, and now find themselves in good shape. 🙂


I really felt that I haven’t recovered from the crash since.. ShopForMe? I’ve been quite ill-disciplined in terms of getting work done, and actually getting the motivation to do work at all. Not to say I completely ignored all my projects, just that I don’t really have the motivation anymore – I’m always so tired everyday from everything. But life’s like that no? 4 more weeks to the end of everything, I can do it man.

I’ll write about this week’s presentations in a separate blog post! It’s really exciting to see all my coursemates’ professional projects, and I can’t wait to blog about it.


One thought on “Growing up

  1. Not to say I completely ignored all my projects, just that I don’t really have the motivation anymore – I’m always so tired everyday from everything.

    This means you are at the brink of burning out. Need to cut back to give yourself some slack and time to recover before you chiong again.

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