A review on ‘me’

Having gone through two mini projects and a presentation in CS3216, I must say the people I meet in the module are all crazily good – be it designers, programmers or just people with cool ideas. I guess that’s the reason they passed the registration in the first place. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to work with different types of people, and it’s good to hear their reviews too.

Of course I won’t talk about the good stuff =P

Hectic schedule. I really got to apologize for this one – I really really didn’t plan for my schedule in this semester to be that hectic, but a series of unfortunate events, including me stepping up as a performance choreographer for Chingay 2012 (as our hall was selected by Chingay) and participating in NUS Dance Blast! Concert (which will be done in 3 days’ time, thankfully), has led to my seriously crazy schedule.

Nevertheless, I hope I had provided my team with enough effort and work (still not enough as mentioned by some), and for those who pointed out that I could have done more, my sincere apologies.

Not keeping my group members updated. I admit I go MIA sometimes, and I will definitely remind myself to update my team members about coding progress.

Lousy design skills, yes, I know 😦 I think I really need to start using the inspect element feature much more to copy the way websites are styled and structured!

Too much liking for Prezi use. I love Prezi, but I guess I didn’t expect that some people are not so comfortable with it. Will definitely take note of this in the future.

Rest assured that I will let go of most commitments when I have the chance to! (But it’s too late for CS3216 no….)


Monday was discussion day, where we went through the two case studies – GetHelp and Fan Gang. There were actually a few interesting things I learned about UI design –

  • Alignment of text boxes – Apparently unaligned text boxes gives users an impression that there’s a lot of things to fill up (and hence they are deterred to use the app). Interesting.
  • ‘Wish her luck!’ button – I mentioned in my review that this button doesn’t add value, and it was true – this button turned out to be the one that was clicked the most, according to their study, because this button is ‘the easiest option’.

I find the revamped GetHelp app very nice actually, especially the descriptive events in return and the UI that allows for more customization of your help event as you fill in the rest. Definitely a good job done in 24 hours. πŸ™‚


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