My ‘Recess’ Week

It’s hard to believe that recess week is already over, and my last blog post was just as recess week started.

Well, thanks to NUS’ brilliant idea of starting Week 1 late on Thursday, all my lecturers happily shifted all their lectures to the Monday-Wednesday of recess week to make up for their lost lectures. NUS, please don’t do that again, we technically have no recess week.

My Tuesday of the recess week had a timetable of 10am-11pm, with only a 1 hour break in between. Awesome right?

Complaints aside, I’ve finally finished my second CS3216 assignment with my team, Meet2Eat!

It was one hell of a ride when developing this project, mainly because of a few issues:

We didn’t use version control. I have no idea why this happened,  and it’s not like we only have 1 index.php and 1 javascript file. This actually led to rather disgusting manual integrations between our individual work, and sometimes we get people overwriting other people’s files on the web server. It was disastrous, and I’ve learned my lesson.

We started quite late. I guess everyone kinda burned out a bit after the first Facebook assignment, and thus our main bulk of coding actually came from the last 2 days – I made a record by sleeping 2 hours and eating 3 meals in 2 days. One of the worst times of my life. Really should’ve started earlier.

Chalkboard didn’t do what we thought it does. Our app is supposed to recommend eating places to a group of friends; and we were expecting chalkboard to deliver locations based on geolocation. But NO! Chalkboard is a promotions app, and we didn’t do enough research. In the end, we had to resort to displaying promotions only (and caching the locations in the process) because there were simply no other APIs that provides what we need. It was a major overlook on our sight.

We were not crystal clear about the UX. Halfway throughout working on the project we actually didn’t realise that each of us have a different impression of how the main use case (creating an event, inviting friends) is supposed to be like, and this led to hours of ‘idea refreshments’ to get everyone to agree on the same flow of usage. 😦

Despite the problems, I’m happy that the app turned out quite well (in my opinion), and I hope our hard work won’t go to waste.

Thanks Vincent for all his super organized server PHP code, even though it turned out quite hackish in the end =P I’m glad that my JS AJAX stuff was able to integrate with you quite smoothly.

Jun Hong has some crazy learning speed, he picks up things very fast! Thanks for all the Google Maps API stuff, and I know it must’ve been crazy trying to get it to play nice with jQurey Mobile. :/

Yong Shen is an excellent designer. I’m really sorry that we didn’t manage to implement the UI design the exact way you designed it due to time constraints, but I really would like to thank you for all your efforts in designing, the report, and photoshop (XD).

Overall, I’m glad that we did our best and I just hope that it would turn out well. Go Meet2Eat!


5 thoughts on “My ‘Recess’ Week

  1. I guess everyone kinda burned out a bit after the first Facebook assignment, and thus our main bulk of coding actually came from the last 2 days

    I dun think so. Haha. I think we are kinda confident about producing the result at that point of time. There is not a point that we are worrying about meeting the deadlines even though i believe we only managed to meet for about 5 times throughout the whole assignment. And i must thank you for your guidance and patience. So far, i can say you are the only one who can stand me sitting down with you and looking at you coding and asking you questions, others would have turn me down. Thank you for your patience and teaching. It is this kind of patience that i get from you that i am able to accomplish what i am tasked to do. I must admit sometimes i feel bad about entering this course because i am not as efficient as many of you and as a result, might end up pulling people down in terms of grade if they mind at times. I tried my best to learn but sometimes things just could not churn out the way it is. But I learn the most. And my learning experience is brought up to a different level when i am learning from you who is 3 years younger. 姜还是老的辣 is now being redefined by you. Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience! Look forward to working with you again.

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