Facebook Assignment

Typing this on a 2am, with a full day dance camp in 6 hours’ time. How awesome is that? 😀

I just wanted to pen down my quick thoughts on all the groups’ apps before they disappear from my mind.

I have to say that out of all the groups, the ones who impressed me are Penny Swap, Kilometerstones, and PhotoC. And they got me in different ways.

The UI design is sleek. I’m not so sure about the color combination issue that was raised in Facebook, I actually liked the colors – the vibrance actually makes me want to use the app. Sure there were some bugs here and there (like my SQL error on inserting a request), but first impression counts and this app caught mine.

Facebook integration into a project tracker is actually kind of interesting, where you can browse your friends’ projects, and track your own projects/tasks through Facebook wall posts. I think it’s a cool idea, since if you’re doing a project on a Facebook site, you kinda can’t escape from procrastination. Hohoho. (Not sure whether this idea is already implemented though).

This app actually offers something no other group has (correct me again, if I’m wrong) – a splash tutorial (much like the Pulse screen that I highly praised in one of my previous blog posts). It was an elegant yet nonintrusive way of teaching me how to use the app, and the UI of the app itself is also quite good, sans the THOUSANDS of images on the main screen.

This actually leads me to what I saw from most of the apps in this submission (including my group’s): there’s a steep learning curve. In the sense that I seriously have no idea what to do with the apps most of the time; PhotoC really won in that aspect. I guess our group should have also put up a little tutorial (such as a popup to point users to create a buy/travel post), to make users’ life easier. Of course, you guys can argue that this is a halfdone product, but I believe that one key component of even a minimum viable product is that it should be actually usable and easy to pick up. Many of the apps didn’t have a clear objective, I feel.

But I guess tutorials don’t work on everyone..


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