CS3216 + Dance Blast

There’s gonna be a lot of things in this blog post, but I’ll hide the non-CS3216 related things after the break, so you can just read my reflections on the Facebook assignment and Facebook/iPad seminar πŸ™‚

And so I guess 25% of CS3216 is over. It’s been a crazy 4 weeks, with both our presentation on PDF Expert and, to a much larger extent, ShopForMe. I really appreciate the reviews that my classmates are giving me, and some of them were really δΈ€ι’ˆθ§θ‘€ – or in other words, right on target.

Some of you mentioned about the weird choice of us mentioning the music functionality in the app – I admit that our group was also pretty ill-prepared when it came to that argument, and to be honest, I think that the music function is more like a form of convenience in case you happen to need to open a certain mp3 file when browsing through e.g. your DropBox. But again, that doesn’t happen all the time. I guess it wasn’t a well-constructed argument. ><

Lack of comparison of free options – Again, something we guys missed out, we should’ve compared free options too and possibly showcase the features PDF Expert has that others doesn’t.

Demo video to showcase its features – We chose not to do it as I felt that screenshots were enough (I was in charge of the good/bad section and hence the comparison), and it would be quite difficult to build a video to showcase comparisons etc. Doodle Buddy definitely did a great job on the video though.

(Nope, creating slides on Prezi is quite a breeze, took me only 1-2 hours, and a fun time spent at that!)

Not enough justification for its $10 price tag – We didn’t do a good job in the sense that we did not think about how to counter the argument of having 10 different free apps that does the same thing. And I guess bringing out the point about its instability didn’t help much.

The idea of having all-in-one features in one app is really up to personal interest, but now I’m quite convinced that the majority is not for the idea, haha. Besides, I guess switching apps on the iPad is easy as 1-2-3.

iAnnotate comparison – Our fault. 😦 we didn’t do enough market research..

Defensive about apps – >< maybe it’s because I used PDF Expert for too long and grew accustomed to it hahaha I will definitely take note of that.

And that’s about our presentation. We definitely still have a lot to improve and I really like this idea of peer critique – it’ll help everyone for sure.

And we’ve finally submitted ShopForMe! (Such a long overdue post hahaha)

It was tough, really, to juggle CS3216 amidst all my hall activities (one hand can’t finish counting the amount of CCAs I’m in), and I don’t even know how I’m gonna survive the iPad assignment; but ShopForMe was definitely an amazing experience for me, in terms of working with a different bunch of people.

Chun Teck, my long term partner, been working with him since CS2103. This is the 3rd major project that I’ve coded with him, and I must say, he’s really good. Tanked a lot of stuff, and picked up CodeIgniter with me fast. Has this pro aura around him.

Alan, the cool NOC dude, really knowledgable about building web apps, with all the PHP jQuery AJAX things. Alan did most of the theming as both me and Chun Teck were really bad at it 😦 Also a crazy hard worker who sleeps at 7am to fix bugs.

Yin Yue, FANTASTIC designer, I really really love our app’s UI, I thought it’s one of the better ones in this assigment (personal opinion! Don’t flame me~). She also helped a lot with the report, and pumping team spirit in general. πŸ˜€

All in all, I picked up quite a lot of stuff within the 3 weeks, be it AJAX, more jQuery experiences, and my first PHP project experience. It wasn’t easy but definitely worth it. I especially loved the last 2 hours before submission deadline, where we were furiously fixing bugs at COM1 when others tried out our app and reported bugs. Live technical service! How powerful is that πŸ˜€

Check out our app @ http://shopforme.dyndns.info/app

And that’s for CS3216! Read on if you’re interested in my, uh, personal life lol.


I can safely conclude a few things from CS3216:

Blogger sucks. I can’t track replies to my comments, and I have to go through a two-click authentication to prove that I’m human. Seriously?

My netbook sucks. The portability (500g) and high pixel density (1600×768 on 8″!) is starting to not make sense because of its lackluster battery life (talk about some ~2 hours on a single charge), inability to code without squinting, and underpoweredness in general (Atom Z530). I really hate to say this but I’m beginning to regret selling my MSI X340 for this. Probably selling this soon to get a decent, large screen, not-too-powerful laptop. Or the Razer Blade =P

I don’t have enough time. I really really thought I’ll have less commitments at least for this semester, but boy, was I wrong. I really didn’t expect Chingay planning to start so soon, and I’m seriously going to crash and burn before this month ends, with preparations for my choir and dance performances both in October. Time to adjust my body clock to sleep less!

But otherwise, it’s been an eventful semester so far, other than CS3216 I went for Dance Blast! Mini Orientation Camp, and it was really fun; the opportunity to attend master classes by the alumni was simply fantastic, and I loved all the choreography I learned from there. Also made many friends with my mini-OG, there’s Jia Min, Melissa, Jin Faye, Julietta (I hope I spelled that right!) and Jacey, and strangely enough I know all the guys from my OG! Tack Kian, Han Rui, Joey and Eric. And our super super super awesome OGLs Shan and Youwen! :):) I really really had a lot of fun.

Okay that’s a REALLY long post. I gotta get back to my group meeting =P


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