Hectic Days

The week has been a crazy one for me; I really did a lot of stuff.

Picked up CodeIgniter

We used CodeIgniter as our PHP framework for our standalone app. This is an entirely new experience for me as it’s probably my first foray into web programming (aside from the small small projects I did in hall) and there’s really a lot of things to be taken care of; but I would say I’m quite ‘lucky’ in the sense that I didn’t have background in Drupal (which is more commonly used, I guess) and so I didn’t encounter conceptual differences like Chun Teck did.

Basically, CodeIgniter uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for its web pages. The ‘Model’ takes care of all the logical stuff, including database query and maybe calculations and organization of data. The ‘Controller’ takes information from the model, does additional processing and logic, and then passes it to the ‘View’, which displays the information in a presentable format (all your html, css, etc). This is kind of similar to the MVC I learned in Objective-C coding for CS3217, but the ‘View’ in CodeIgniter does a lot more than just presenting information – there’s all the javascript involved. Compare it to Apple’s views, which totally does nothing except for passing interaction information back to the controller. Maybe it’s not a real MVC, haha.

There’s a very detailed reference at the website, and a community there for all your queries. I currently like CodeIgniter a lot because of its simplicity and clean organization of code (but seriously, a php file can never be clean), but I haven’t used Drupal before so I really can’t give a comparison.

Went for Blast! Open Classes

I’ve been getting into a lot of dancing nowadays (even went for O School course!), and I’ve decided to audition for Dance Blast! to gain more exposure into dancing. And of course the open classes for at least some experience, if I didn’t make it through the audition :/ But the open classes are fun! The instructors are crazily good. It really makes me wonder how they leveled up themselves so much. (And one of them only started dancing when he joined Blast!) I’ve had a lot of fun and learning through the open classes’ choreographies and I really hope I can get more out of Blast! if I managed to pass the auditions.

Practiced for erm.. I can’t say

Well it would spoil the surprise (should the person read my blog) so I wouldn’t say. But me and a few old friends have been singing and I must say, it feels good to be doing what I really love. I really appreciate all the sacrifices everyone is making for this to come together. 🙂

And well that’s my week – I was running around school all the time. Super crazily tired. Time to go grab my little sleep before tomorrow’s workshops.. But I think I might skip the HTML/CSS one.


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