Poppin’ semester

Went for popping class (like finally) yesterday night. Signed up for the $130 8-week course, 1 hour each; it’s insane how much dance schools (and their instructors) earn! But I’m learning under Wei Jie, a superb popper and my friend, so it’s okay to let him earn my money 😀

Anyway, the first class consists of the basic popping technique, flexing your muscles in your biceps, triceps and arms. It’s really tough to pop with a lot of strength! And Wei Jie also taught the basic popping move, Fresno, which involves weight shifts to the left and right sides while popping the respective hands. Now I finally understand why I look so different from the poppers when I try to do popping last time, it’s because they have this natural feet movement (that I learned in the course). Shall practice a lot!

And after that was post-rag celebration. We had a lot of food – Subway sandwiches, Ashley’s chicken naan and nuggets! But it wasn’t enough for all the raggers and performers and all the food were gone in seconds. Haha.

The TH dancers 🙂

There were also a lot of alcohol, but I didn’t drink much because of the CS3216 workshops today. The raggers totally went crazy! One cup after another.

Today’s workshop consisted of introduction to UNIX (which I skipped because I need sleep… zzz…), introduction to Amazon Web Services, good food (most important :D) and some basics of PHP/mySQL. Good to refresh my knowledge of them. And then our Facebook App team continued to discuss about our great secret project, which is going to eat up the next 3 weeks of my time.. zzzz


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