The Voice: Live Shows

After watching the first live show, I’m, to say the least, extremely disappointed with The Voice.

The Voice started promisingly, and really produced a lot of great artists on the show. Selection of artists were through the Blind Auditions – listening alone (the judges couldn’t see the artists performing), and the show delivered realistic selection of singers from the judges (save for a few). The Battle Rounds were also very well done, the way the contestants delivered fantastic duets while attempting to outperform each other is just mind-blowing.

However, the Live Shows appeared to seek to change everything about ‘The Voice‘ for the worse:

  • Artists are now selected to proceed to the next round based on votes. What? So The Voice has now become a popularity contest, and good voices will go down the drain without America’s votes?
  • The judges appear to be sucking up to the contestants’ asses – this might be personal judgement, but at least half of the contestants obviously didn’t perform well enough to receive “Well done! Fantastic! Great performance!” from all judges; they were clearly not up to the standard to be ‘The Voice’, and some of them definitely performed better during the Blind Auditions / Battle Rounds.

And the judges kinda delivered a not-so-up-to-their-standard performance at the start. At least there were a few better performances from the contestants.

I’m really very disappointed – I watched the previous six episodes with excitement and appreciation of the performances, and this episode really brought it down to the drain.


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